Amazon Delists Us AGAIN! This time for a “defective product” — with only 6 complaints out of 5164 Amazon sales in January & February, 2021.

We received over 22k views on my previous Medium article about how a competitor got us delisted from Amazon by reporting our no-buckle belts as containing drugs.

You might have also read my first Medium article about a copycat on Amazon that stole my product, images and branding.

A bit of background: I’m the inventor of BeltBro, a patented no buckle belt that uses 2 belt loops to secure pants. We started selling in February…

As an inventor, many of my readers know that I developed BeltBro, a no-buckle belt that uses two side belts loops to hold up your pants.

Our belts are used by people who suffer from IBS, Crohn’s, wheelchair users, those having stomach surgery, or just people who have lost weight and want their pants to fit better.

It’s a product that helps a lot of people, and some even depend on it for their medical conditions that prevent them from wearing a belt.

We’ve been selling on Amazon for about 8 months, and although we’ve had a lot of issues…

I’m the inventor of, a no-buckle belt that uses just 2 belt loops to hold up pants and shorts. I developed this belt because I have stomach sensitivity that prevents me from wearing a regular belt due to the pressure on my stomach.

I’ve spent the last 2 years developing the branding and marketing for BeltBro and launched my website in February, during one of the hardest times to start a small business.

We’ve had tremendous success, and sold our no-buckle belts to over 50,000+ customers through our website. Many of our customers are wheelchair users, auto mechanics, fisherman…

Josh Wexelbaum

Serial Entrepreneur. World traveler. Chess addict.

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